During the year, many technology companies will be lining up their new products and specials. While all of us would like to purchase the newest and latest technology, it is not always economically possible.

There are some significant advantages to purchasing refurbished IT equipment which can offer many benefits to companies and consumers who have a specific budget in mind.

Availability will not be a problem

Refurbished IT equipment is becoming a very attractive option to companies who are looking to ramp up their businesses quickly. Refurbished IT equipment is always available, and the quality of the equipment is close to that of new equipment.

One of the many issues that OEMs have to manage is the supply chain crisis. The microchip shortage has created major delays in the production of new equipment with some orders taking months to fill. This crisis can be averted when companies choose to equip their businesses with refurbished IT equipment as stock is available and can be deployed within days.

Warranties are not a challenge

This is often one of the sticking points when it comes to making an IT purchase. Consumers typically look for the best warrantee period for any equipment that they want to purchase.

Original OEMs typically offer a one or two year warranty on their products. However, companies that specialise in refurbished IT equipment have realised over the years that aftersales servicing is an effective revenue stream. It is not uncommon to find that these companies offer longer warranty periods and will go out of their way to provide a good service in the hope that companies sign long-term maintenance contracts.

Refurbished products are extensively tested

The ongoing debate over refurbished vs new office PC’s seldom falls in favour of refurbished. Many still believe that new computers are better. Often quoted reasons are that new machines are fast, reliable, and still under warranty.

However, you can get the same from a refurbished computer with significant cost savings. Often, the refurbishment process of existing IT equipment is a meticulous procedure that puts machines through a thorough data destruction process, refurbishes machines inside and out, and makes all the necessary aesthetic changes. At the end of this process, it is a stronger machine that’s faster and has current software with upgraded specs and enhanced performance.

These are also extensively tested to make sure you get what you are paying for.

Save where it counts

Companies often have to stretch their budgets to cover multiple operating costs. These include salaries and bonuses; training and skills development; office space rentals; advertising; and the associated costs of business travel among other things.

Opting for refurbished IT equipment is a great way to reduce capital expenditure so that you can use the cash in other areas of your business or, better yet, save it towards your profit.

Refurbished IT equipment is a viable alternative, whether you are cash rich or follow a conservative capital expenditure model. Refurbished IT, from leading suppliers who put their equipment through stringent quality processes, performs as good as new machines. With this kind of equipment, you can get access to the equipment and tools your business needs at a significantly reduced up-front cost.

Embracing a circular economy

The upside to purchasing refurbished IT equipment is that there is an increased focus on the circular economy and the role that refurbished IT can play in contributing to the sustainability agenda in organisations. Expanding the life cycle of electronic devices, keeps equipment in circulation for longer and away from landfills.

When a company participates in the circular economy, they don’t only maximise their budgets, they also extend the lifecycle of the products that they are renting. Additionally, they create massive employment opportunities for companies who specialise in the refurbishment of these products.

Support can be extended

Another misconception about purchasing refurbished IT equipment is that it comes with no support.

This is not true. As pointed out earlier, companies that focus on refurbished IT equipment have come to realise that an easy way to move towards an additional revenue stream is to offer extended service and support contracts. Further, companies that offer extended service contracts are familiar with the machines that they are servicing and are committed to providing a quality service so that their clients can run their businesses efficiently.