How do schools know when this equipment needs to be replaced?  

Damage is never a good sign 

While many schools are kitted out with new equipment, the reality is that this equipment is used on a frequent basis, and learners simply do not handle the school’s computers with the same level of care that they handle their personal equipment.  

Visible damage such as cracks and scratches go deeper than cosmetic flaws. In some cases, entire systems can be compromised which will eventually lead to costly repairs.   

Security Concerns 

While it is important to always pay attention to the physical appearance of the equipment, assessing damage, it is equally important to pay attention to the operating system.

Older operating systems and software make devices more susceptible to malware, which compromises security. This will open the door for hackers to access the personal information of learners as well as the school finances.  

Issues regarding useability 

Nobody likes to use a computer that has useability issues. This compromises the productivity of the learners as well as other departments within the school that need to make use of the same equipment. 

If you are getting increased complaints regarding useability and slow processing speeds, it may be a good idea to update your equipment. If your internet connection is generally stable, the lag could be a result of dated hardware and applications.  


Refurbished products are extensively tested 

Good news. You do not need to worry about the cost of replacing your school’s IT equipment. Refurbished tech is a cost-effective solution to access the equipment you need. You can get the same from a refurbished computer with significant cost savings. Often, the refurbishment process of  IT equipment is a meticulous procedure that puts machines through a thorough data destruction process, refurbishes machines inside and out, and makes all the necessary aesthetic changes.  

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